Terry Goodkind once wrote in his series – Sword of Truth – The follwing ‘Wizard Rule’: “People are stupid. They will believe a lie because they fear it is true or they want it to be true”. In light of the shooting in Orlando, that “rule” resurfaced in my mind and I want to share

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lifeline silent night

Lifeline Silent Night Review

Lifeline Silent Night is the continuation of Lifeline 1 which I wrote about here. As always you have one Spoiler Alert!! Go play this game if you haven’t already!! Still here? Great!

Whatsapp activated End-to-End Encryption

Today, Whatsapp announced that they have activated End-to-End Encryption to a billion users. This means that no one, aside from you and your recipient can read your messages. Not even they. Unless there’s a powerful decryption tool that can do this(which hackers would need a significant amount of time and effort to create and test),

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Captain America: Civil War – New Trailer

Hey guys! Have you seen this?!? I’M SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW!!! 😀 I can’t believe after years of waiting we’re finally going to see a reunion of the avengers with Spiderman!!! I mean I would have preferred to see this coming during the movie itself but hey its not like they’re keeping it a secret

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Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer

Guys! This just got released on Game of Thrones’ YouTube and Facebook channels: Let’s touch briefly about some things that happen in this trailer before I go watch it 100 more times 😛   The North: Sansa got control of Winterfell?! That’s a damn feat for her! (Was that Tyrion in the background? or Littlefinger?)

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Lifeline 2 Review

Here we are again. If you remember my previous review of lifeline 1 it was a really positive experience for me. Lifeline 2 was no different. [Your one and only spoiler alert!! Go play this game if you haven’t] In lifeline 2, you meet a new character in the Lifeline franchise named Arika. Unlike Taylor,

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