lifeline silent night

Lifeline Silent Night Review

Lifeline Silent Night is the continuation of Lifeline 1 which I wrote about here. As always you have one Spoiler Alert!! Go play this game if you haven’t already!! Still here? Great!

Lifeline 2 Review

Here we are again. If you remember my previous review of lifeline 1 it was a really positive experience for me. Lifeline 2 was no different. [Your one and only spoiler alert!! Go play this game if you haven’t] In lifeline 2, you meet a new character in the Lifeline franchise named Arika. Unlike Taylor,

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Lifeline Review

  Have you ever thought about what happens in space? What life would be like on a space ship? Or living on a different planet than Earth? I always loved Sci-Fi but less for the perspective and more for the concept itself. Thinking about space, aliens, our future and whatever the advancement of technology might

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