Terry Goodkind once wrote in his series – Sword of Truth – The follwing ‘Wizard Rule’: “People are stupid. They will believe a lie because they fear it is true or they want it to be true”. In light of the shooting in Orlando, that “rule” resurfaced in my mind and I want to share

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lifeline silent night

Lifeline Silent Night Review

Lifeline Silent Night is the continuation of Lifeline 1 which I wrote about here. As always you have one Spoiler Alert!! Go play this game if you haven’t already!! Still here? Great!

Whatsapp activated End-to-End Encryption

Today, Whatsapp announced that they have activated End-to-End Encryption to a billion users. This means that no one, aside from you and your recipient can read your messages. Not even they. Unless there’s a powerful decryption tool that can do this(which hackers would need a significant amount of time and effort to create and test),

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Captain America: Civil War – New Trailer

Hey guys! Have you seen this?!? I’M SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW!!! 😀 I can’t believe after years of waiting we’re finally going to see a reunion of the avengers with Spiderman!!! I mean I would have preferred to see this coming during the movie itself but hey its not like they’re keeping it a secret

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Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer

Guys! This just got released on Game of Thrones’ YouTube and Facebook channels: Let’s touch briefly about some things that happen in this trailer before I go watch it 100 more times 😛   The North: Sansa got control of Winterfell?! That’s a damn feat for her! (Was that Tyrion in the background? or Littlefinger?)

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Lifeline 2 Review

Here we are again. If you remember my previous review of lifeline 1 it was a really positive experience for me. Lifeline 2 was no different. [Your one and only spoiler alert!! Go play this game if you haven’t] In lifeline 2, you meet a new character in the Lifeline franchise named Arika. Unlike Taylor,

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How to install Windows on a Mac in 10 steps

Recently, in my computer science studies, I came to the realization that I feel confident enough to study whole new programming languages on my own. One of my biggest dreams is to develop my own game. Somewhere, in the future, that might translate into something bigger, like having my own video game company. Let’s cross

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