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WTF 101 – Episode 2 Review

I’m not pumping these reviews out fast enough. I think the season is already over or in Hiatus, so I’ll try to catch up. I saw all of the episodes but I’ll keep the reviews by order.

In this episode, “Self Experimentation“, Professor Foxtrot takes the kids to visit people who subjected themselves to experimentation.

Can you imagine someone today trying to ingest raw metals? Or freely using cocaine as part of tests? There was even someone in the past that drank vomit with Yellow Fever among other things to prove that Yellow Fever is not contagious (It was but not from direct contact).

We learned so much over the years. Medicine has advanced in many ways. In part, thanks to those experiments. But, we also lost some of the flairs for experimentation. I mean, maybe there is something amazing waiting for us to discover we if only took a slightly more dangerous risk than usual?

I came out of the episode a bit shocked. There is so much we don’t know about our own past. People did crazy things and I like how this show reveals bits of it, and then you get the urge to learn more on your own.

How do you feel about this? Were you witness to a crazy experiment? Or maybe it was you who conducted a truly bizarre experiment you want to share? Don’t hesitate to start a conversation below.

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